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                                                                       Notes About the Culture

Asian families place education at a very high level when it comes to raising their children.  U.S. English proficiency and subsequent education in
this country are most coveted.  These students have shown time and time again that they are diligent, respectful, obedient and dedicated.  
They strive to perform at the highest level academically and usually embrace U.S. Culture as a whole.

These students typically have studied English for a large part of their academic lives but usually have not had the opportunity to put it to a lot of
practice.  Upon first arriving in the states, they need a little bit more time to process what they are hearing and to respond, but after a few weeks
you'll see them process ideas faster and faster.

Acclimating themselves to our food choices is an area that is sometimes a little rocky at first.  It is recommended that you provide the quality
meals that you and your family are used to and "immerse" the student in your food culture.  There will be plenty of opportunity for you to
experience your student's food during the homestay program.

Remember, these children are coming to the U.S. to better learn English and U.S. culture.  We suggest that you embrace the student
whole-heartedly with that in mind.