Your qualifications:

1.   Have experience raising children.
2.   Provide a private room or a shared room with a child of the same sex, near the same age.  
3.   Provide meals - Family meals, school lunches, brown bag meals.
4.   Provide or arrange for transportation to /from school and school related activities, normal and extra-curricular. .
5.   Offer parental guidance in the areas of their academic and personal endeavors.  
6.   Provide assistance with strengthening their English communication skills.  Your family should be native English speakers.
7.   Act as the student's parent/guardian in school matters.
8.   Provide basic personal items in the way of hygiene or household products.  
9.   Provide reliable Internet connectivity.  
10. You and all members of the household over 18 pass a standard background check.
                                                                  Interested Host Families

Students coming to the U.S. through our organization will already have a strong academic and disciplined background.  If you haven't
already, we encourage you to read our
Cultural Notes page.    

Hosting a student from South Korea is likely to be a big decision for you.  We do our best to match families and students in a most
thoughtful  and thorough manner. Taking on a student through HanUSA Homestay will be rewarding for all but will also add some more
dynamics to your family.  Your responsibilities as host parent will pretty much fall into a parenting role.  They will need your guidance and
wisdom to help them navigate through this new experience and gain a better understanding of our culture.  You fill the role of a parent to
your student and share in the ups and downs of his or her life just as if you would with your own children.  

Even though these students may have undergone English instruction for years in their home country, but few of them have had the
opportunity to be saturated in the English language.  Therefore, they will usually be very cautious and shy in their communication.  Be
prepared to encourage them to be more confident and not fearful of making mistakes in their speech or writing.  

If you are interested in participating in this rewarding opportunity, please fill out the
Host Parent Information Form and submit.  A
representative of our organization will contact you within 48 hours.